Who are Rust?

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Mike Swain: Guitar, Vocals, Keys, Jew’s Harp, Washboard, Triangle
Birthplace: Phoenix, Arizona
Musical Influences: Neil Young and Crazy Horse, Dixie Dregs/Steve Morse, Blackfoot, the dryer when it has two pairs of boots and a bicycle chain in it.
Musical Mission Statement: Notes are like money, you should spend them wisely, not frivolously.
Dave Valichnac: Guitar, Vocals, and “that finger-in-the-mouth-popping-thing”. (Think lollipop, lollipop)
Musical Influences: Randy Rhoads, George Lynch,
Birthplace: Darkside of the Moon
Musical Mission Statement: “What?”
Brent "Stop talking about my" Johnson: Bass Guitar, Vocals, & Spoons
Birthplace:The Frozen tundra just South of the Arctic Circle where the men are men, the sheep are nervous, and every night is a three dog night...
Musical Influences: Pink Floyd, The Beatles, Senseless Sarcasm, and The low rumble of an Evo V-twin.
Musical Mission Statement: "If the walls aren’t shaking, It's not loud enough."
Dave Bracken: Keyboard
Birthplace: South side of the sky
Musical Influences:Pink Floyd, Yes, ELP, War and anyone who ever appeared on "The Gong Show".
Musical Mission Statement: "Three chords and a cloud of dust..."

Tony Pisaturo: Drums
Birthplace: Philadelphia, PA
Musical Influences: John Bonham, Neil Peart and the voices in his head
Musical Mission Statement: "What do you mean it's too loud?"